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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

CNRD-Ubwiyungu Does not have any Territorial Ambition in the Democractic Republic of Congo

Mulamba Jean Paul

Press release No. 002 / CP / 16.

AA/Lumbumbashi/Heritier Maila
The National Council for Renewal and Democracy (CNRD-Ubwiyunge) is horrified by the misinformation circulating on social media including the website "" which wrote in on of it’s published article that CNRD-UBWIYUNGE is a movement seeking to destabilize peace in Democractic Republic of Congo.

The CNRD-UBWIYUNGE has taken this oppoturnity to inform the public, the Congolese people and the international community that this information is groundless. Indeed, the CNRD-UBWIYUNGE was found on 31, May 2016 by Rwandan refugees in Democratic Republic of Congo and around the world. The objectives of the CNRD-UBWIYUNGE includes the following:

  1. Plead the cause of the Rwandan refugees. Throughout the world but especially those located in the Democratic Republic of Congo. You will notice that CNRD-Ubwiyunge works closely with the Democratic Republic of Congo government institutions, UNHCR, humanitarian NGOs, and many other organisations to ensure that our refugee population are:

    A. Recognize
    B. Secured and protected
    C. Receiving Humanitarian Assistance.
  2. Return dignity to all Rwandan Refugees. We this by working with other opposition parties to pressure the RPF-Inkotanyi regime to open political space and is committed to the path of dialogue with the real political opposition.
  3. Create true reconciliation between the ethnic that make up the Rwandan Society. Here we fight all forms of impunity and advocate for a Rwandan society where everyone is equal before the law.

The above mentioned evidence, concludes that , the CNRD-UBWIYUNGE has no territorial ambition in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Instead, it intends to offer its experience to build an enduring peace in the Great Lakes region of Africa, through legal and political means under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Information linking the CNRD-UBWIYUNGE to those who want to destabilize the peace of the Congolese people within harmful propaganda orchestrated by the detractors of the CNRD-UBWIYUNGE. We strongly disagree and we against those lies that are being circulating on social media.

The authors of this article which was published in ‘Direct.Cd’ should exercise intellectual, honesty and seek information from the concerned individuals rather than doing a propagandist press.

Done at Rutchuru, June 26, 2016.

Barnabas Sinayobye
Spokesman of the CNRD-UBWIYUNGE (Sé)
Telephone: +243842543221 / + 243824804184

Mulamba Jean Paul / Author & Editor

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